Is it bad form to re-post a post when blogging?  I’ll plead ignorance and declare that some topics are so important that they deserve repeating.  Over two years ago, I wrote about eulogizing your employees.   This is a fundamental part of positive leadership. The overall concept is that a eulogy is wasted on the dead and wouldn’t we all rather hear the good things people have to say about us when we are alive.  Some of you may remember the movie ‘Waking Ned Divine’ from 1998 and the scene ‘Eulogy for a Friend’ where Jackie eulogizes his friend Michael who is sitting in the congregation. “The words that are spoken at a funeral are spoken too late for the man that is dead. What a wonderful thing it would be to visit your own funeral.. to sit at the front and hear what was said.”   Remember that your employees are your greatest asset and I believe that positive comments, inspirational words and motivating support produce more than harsh words meant to prod. Don’t miss the opportunity to eulogize someone now before it makes no difference to them. You have the chance to lead the legacy of others. We underestimate the power of the spoken word – it is your choice to use that power to tear someone down or to bring them up and lead them to greatness. This doesn’t just hold true in business – it also holds true in our personal lives.   Parent, teacher, minister or friend – we all have the power to eulogize those around us and pay it both backward and forward.