Monthly Archives: March, 2014

    It never ends

    I used to think there would be a point when my stress level would drop and I would finally feel ‘successful’. I think I’ve finally realized that point doesn’t exist. It’s very similar to how I feel about my son and his disorder. “When he finally crawls… Once he walks on his own… When he makes it through elementary school then….. If Danny is mainstreamed and getting a’s and b’s..” Well, truth is, it doesn’t matter…. There will always be another ‘if only..’. What’s important is our attitude toward acceptance of the moment. If we worry to much about what is to come, we will miss the greatness of what is now. So it’s ok to have goals and think about the future, but only if it doesn’t keep you from seeing the positiveness of today!! George Bush, is ‘positiveness’ a word??