Most of you are familiar with Shel Silverstein’s children’s book called ‘The Giving Tree’ but you may not be familiar with the song by Plain WHite T’s with the same title. It is officially my favorite song at this point in my personal timeline. So much so that I have actually tried to memorize the words – which is becoming an increasingly difficult task given my advancing age (queue the cries of ‘you’re not old!’ and ‘you look like you are in your thirties!’ .. Ok – That’s reaching a bit but consider it poetic license). I played the song for Danny a few nights ago and he immediately recognized the reference, declaring that The Giving Tree was one of his favorite books when he was young and he really should read it again soon. I turned to him and said ‘Danny – am I your Giving Tree?’. Without hesitation and also without looking up from his iPod, he calmly stated ‘Always have been’..

And we drove the rest of the way home listening to the rest of the song and not saying a word.