Monthly Archives: August, 2013

    In My Humble Opinion

    It seems a lot of pro athletes have found themselves in trouble and facing major issues these days (one particular murder investigation comes to mind), and very quickly the endorsements and the bricks/pictures are removed to avoid aligning with a bad seed. However – although it’s no excuse, it seems as though many of these individuals come from crappy circumstances, poor environments, missing role models and are then thrust into the world of attention, money, adrenaline, etc. WITHOUT any counseling, therapy or real guidance. What I think is that it is partially the fault of the NBA and NFL that some of these guys – who came from these less than humble beginnings (otherwise known as CRAPPY lives), are not provided with the tools to even remotely try to survive when they are thrust into this fame-monger environment. And, yes, they are being paid a ridiculous amount of money, but the NBA and NFL benefit and make LOTS of money from them. And, oh by the way, did I mention that most athletes start when they are well under the age of 25? I was a moron until I was 30!! (Ok – I’m still a partial moron now.) So, in my case, I’ve been dished out a lot of this ‘Carol Craig Superwoman’ lately and in no way am I ungrateful, but I have to remind myself that accolades mean nothing and no one is better than anyone else and tomorrow it could all be gone… I go on[…]