Monthly Archives: September, 2011


    One of my favorite books, The Noticer, is all about perspective. It’s a great read but sometimes we need to just take a look around us and find perspective from things that we see or deal with each day. Yesterday I found perspective from my 10 year old son who deals daily with the challenges of a rare genetic disorder. We had dinner with grandparents and Danny continually complimented the ‘chefs’ on their talents. Toward the end of the meal, he finally declared “This is the best day of my life”. Of course the cynical remainder of his family asked him if he was SURE that this was truly the best day of his life. He has made that statement thousands of times in the past. But all of sudden, I realized ‘why not?’ Why can’t this be the best day of his life? So I simply declared (and a bit defensively) “It’s too bad that all of us can’t have Danny’s perspective and truly feel that every day is the best day of our life”. As you can imagine, no one said another word about Danny’s declaration and from now on, we’ll all agree with my perfect little man each time he makes that statement and wish that we too could say that each day was the ‘best day of our life’.