So when I decided to move forward with a blog, it was with the intent that I would share some of my business related trials and tribulations and the ‘real’ side of the story.. especially from the perspective of a woman.  So finally, here is one of those stories.   When we first moved to Florida, my husband had left the military at a fairly high rank and was now in the beginning ranks of the airlines.  For those of you who know the airlines, you know that he almost made less than minimum wage.  At this same time, I was trying to grow a company organically (read – double mortgage my life and my first born and max out multiple credit cards).  We were temporarily living in a condo in Cocoa Beach while our house was being built and just when we arrived, all four hurricanes hit Florida.   Keep in mind that I had an 18 month old daughter and a 3 year old son with a severe genetic disability.  Foolish as we were, we decided to ride out the second hurricane and hunker down in our rented condo on the beach.  As you can imagine, this resulted in all four of us in one king size bed, wind howling around us and me being wide awake most of the night.  The weight of the world was crashing down on me and I was pretty much at a breaking point.  Everyone was asleep except me and I just couldn’t handle it any longer.. I started crying..  I thought I was crying softly and no one could hear until all of a sudden, I felt a little hand on my shoulder and I heard my daughter Gillian say ‘Don’t Cry Mommy, it will be ok’…     That perceptive little 18 month old is now 8 years old going on 25 and she is still as perceptive today as she was then.  I was reminded at that moment that I was blessed with a wonderful family and wonderful opportunities and no matter how hard it might seem, it could always be worse.. and the good news was that I had control over how hard I worked and over my own destiny.   So I dried my tears, put my arms around my little girl and thanked God for all my blessings.