Monthly Archives: May, 2011

    Memorial Day

    All gave some, Some gave all…..    So where were you yesterday at 10am?  Sleeping in?  Getting your boat ready for the day?  Doing laundry?    I’ll tell you where you should have been – at the Memorial Day parade in downtown Melbourne.   52 groups turned out for the 52nd annual Memorial Day Parade and some of the floats could move you to tears.  The most moving for me was the American Legion Post 81 float with the POW cage made from bamboo and the men inside..  Not only was it realistic and powerful from an outside view but one of the men riding the float was a POW in the Phillipines.     So seriously – how difficult is it for the rest of us to spend an hour in the morning to show all the men and women who served and sacrified that they matter and we support them?   So if you didn’t make it this year, plan on being there next year to show your support.  The river will still be there…


    Ok – so let me tell you about Commitment. (I know – what do I know about commitment… I can’t even commit to updating my blog on a regular basis!) Regardless of my spotty commitment to babbling about myself and my moments of genius, I do know commitment when I see it in someone else. The past few weeks have been filled with the most massive proposal efforts ever mounted by my team. Moments of stress, anger, exhaustion, humor, OTJ learning and overall craziness culminated in one giant heart attack at each submission. My team worked late nights, long hours and never complained about our company or the job they were doing (we did complain about others but they deserved it). Our proposal manager worked until Midnight on the last day to finish a proposal and was up again the next morning bright and early to make sure everything was packaged and on an airplane. Because of a missed fed ex deadline (I accept responsibility for that overly ambitious deadline attempt), one of our directors jumped on an airplane to deliver the more than 100 pound box at the last minute – ruining his Sunday afternoon that would have otherwise been spent on the beach ‘Solving the World’s Problems’. On another proposal, my VP of Business Development (who has been a part of this madness from the early days) was up until 4am working on numbers and cost and got up at 7am to get her kids to school before[…]