Monthly Archives: February, 2011

    Continuing in the same vein

    Who wants to bet there are a million blog posts with this same title? I’ll google it when I’m done just to check. Here it is one month later and I’m still on the same topic -stress. Not that I’m consumed by it but it certainly is a constant in my life. So let me tell you about the quirky ways I reduce my stress… yes, chocolate and alcohol are some of my ‘chosen ones’ but my favorite has to be Amtrak. Right now I am sitting in a sleeper car on the auto train from D.C. to Orlando and happy as a pig in.. on my parents farm… I know it takes 18 hours to get where I’m going when I could do it in 3 (even with the worst airport security line) but think of the perks… I get to throw what ever I want in my car.. and don’t pay extra..and don’t have to pack ‘smart’.. and I don’t have to sit next to anyone.. and I can drink an entire bottle of wine without having to ask for another glass. oh! and the best.. the bathroom is 6 inches away and no one else uses it the entire time. So -I know its illogical, boring, cramped, very blue (color scheme could definitely be improved) but I have officially simplified my life for 18 hours… and all is copacetic in my world.. (def: Very Satisfactory) and I don’t care what anyone else thinks…..